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Your Complete Guide to Choosing a Diamond

buying a diamond ring

Once all has been decided about the budget, setting and metal, its now time to select the centrepiece for the ring. It is perhaps the most exciting as well as the most important job to be done very carefully. For selecting a diamond you need to consider shape, 4 Cs i.e. cut, clarity, color and carat.


By cut we mean the shape of the diamond. Though round cut diamonds are the most popular ones for the engagement rings but one also gets an option to select from heart shape, pear cut or square shaped diamonds.

The most popular 2 shapes are round cut and princess cut diamonds. Please keep in mind round cut diamonds have a higher brilliance and fire, but they are more expensive than other shapes.

One important suggestion to be marked here is that, round diamonds can be supported by all the setting types but for other shapes you need to select a combination of appropriate shape and setting to complement each other. For further details on diamond shape please visit our diamond shapes.

diamond brilliance sparkle


The cut is the most important among the 4C’s since, it defines the brilliance and fire of the diamond. The way the diamond has been cut controls the reflection of light by its surface and thus rules its brilliance and shine.

So better the cut, is light reflection, more brilliance and thus more cost. Our suggestion you should do your best to have a higher level of grades in terms of cut. For further details on diamond cut please visit our diamond education.


The clarity is the measure of the “see through” nature and translucence of the stone. Absolutely clear and translucent diamonds are a little rare which makes them costlier while other which lie a little lower on the clarity scale cost less.

While buying the perfect diamond our budgets are limited, well for most of us, clarity is the point where we can optimize our purchase, as long as the diamond have no imperfections that are visible to the eye clarity will not make a big difference in the diamonds appearance.

Therefore as long as you stay away from I1, I2 and I3 diamonds you can save a lot of money and your diamond will still look perfect. For further details on diamond clarity please visit our diamond education.


diamond colour

Like many other factors, colour of the centre piece remains customer’s personal choice. With colour choices like white, red (light to dark), yellow, pink, blue and many colour shades are available to select one from. White, crystal clear diamonds are most preferred for engagement rings.

Changing the colour won’t affect the cost of the ring much. Buy a diamond that is as white as possible, our suggestion is go between above G colour for an exceptional ring.For further details on diamond color please visit our diamond education.


After deciding on the other 3 factors you can determine the size of the centre stone of the symbol of your love. We mostly suggest our customers to go beyond 0.7 carats in total. For further details on diamond carat please visit our diamond education.

Next you have to select first whether you have to have side diamonds or not and if yes, how many and what colour and shape. This has been already discussed in our previous article about diamond settings.