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Asscher Cut Diamonds

asscher cut diamonds

Because of this “step cut” cutting style of facets, an Asscher Cut diamond which has a low Clarity or low Color could be very obvious. A well-cut Round Brilliant Cut diamond that is really lively, or “blingy”, the inclusions along with the body color can be masked to a certain extent… this is not as possible with a step style cut like an Asscher Cut diamond.

A slightly higher Clarity and Color will be a good idea…. probably no lower than an “SI1” or lower than a “G”. Of course, if you find an Asscher Cut diamond in a jewelry store and it has lower Clarity or Color grades than these parameters but it still looks nice, then you can realize a savings…. but shopping online you’ll need to stick with stricter higher limits of Clarity and Color for an Asscher Cut diamond.

If you are interested in shopping for an Asscher Cut Diamond online, the best place to look will be Not only are their prices generally the lowest but they are the only online diamond retailer with real pictures of the diamonds they sell.

You are seeing the actual diamond that you will purchase and best of all you can always contact me for my opinion of the diamond you are considering before buying it or I could give a suggestion about some different diamonds that might be considered.

For people who want to perform all-out research on a purchase, you should read this guide here for more details.

Other Things to Take Note of When Buying Asscher Shaped Diamonds

With an Asscher Cut diamond the most critical aspect will be the angles that the pavilion facets will be set to… the light should roll across the pavilion in a smooth even fashion. The diamond cutter will really have to know what they are doing in order to make an Asscher Cut diamond look alive and not look like a lifeless piece of glass that you can read through.

In late 2006, the American Gem Society Laboratories (ASGL) began issuing Diamond Quality Documents for Asscher Cut diamonds. Why is that important? It is because these grading reports include an AGSL Cut grade.

The AGSL’s Cut grade is determined by actually measuring the light performance of the diamond. This definitely helps when shopping for Asscher Cut diamonds because you will be able to compare and contrast diamonds in order to find the diamond with the best Cut….. which we all know is the most important of the 4Cs!

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