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We know buying an engagement ring can be very stressful. Make sure you do your research before you hit the stores!

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“Loose Diamonds” (Build Your Engagement Ring) vs. Pre-Set Engagement Rings

diamond solitaire ringIt is interesting to note, that if you canvassed any number of consumers shopping for diamond engagement rings, you would find that shoppers who purchase from a local jewelry store will usually feel more comfortable buying a completed or pre-set diamond engagement ring, rather than choosing a loose diamond first and then deciding on a ring setting to go with it.

Conversely, people who shop for their diamond engagement ring on the Internet, will usually feel more comfortable selecting a loose diamond and engagement ring setting separately and then having the jeweler put it all together.
Why is this?

Well, for starters, traditional “bricks and mortar jewelers” usually find a stocked showcase of completed diamond engagement rings, much more captivating and appealing than parcels and papers of loose diamonds flying all around.

It is much more effective marketing and advertising to have gorgeous displays of gleaming, pre-set diamond engagement rings, than scores of drab parcel papers stuffed with loose diamonds and showcases of unmounted solitaires and settings.

Additionally, consumers who walk into a jewelry store for a diamond engagement ring, are more likely to walk out of the store with an engagement ring in hand and are usually less inclined to wait until an engagement ring is actually put together for them.

They are not at all put off by the idea that they need to choose a pre-set diamond engagement ring, so long as they find something which appeals to them and which they can purchase via the instant “cash and carry” method.

For these reasons, it is usually in the best interests of the jewelry stores to have their in-stock diamonds pre-set into a collection of their beautiful and popular engagement ring settings.

Conversely, you will note when searching the Internet for a diamond engagement ring, most websites utilize some type of “build your own engagement ring” feature, whereby they encourage you to select the loose diamond and the actual engagement ring setting separately.

Once you have completed your selection and “built your ring”, so to speak, the entire ensemble is pieced together and shipped out to you as a completed diamond engagement ring.

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