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Heart Shaped Diamonds

heart shaped diamonds

These diamonds are basically a pear shape diamond with a cleft cut in at the top. Some people think that this shape is a bit too “cutesy” and others just love the symbolism of having a diamond cut in the shape of a heart.

This is a difficult stone for a cutter to make…. requiring special tools and the special skills to match. As with any of the fancy shapes, the diamond cutters have to make a decision of the final shape will be and that will be determined by the shape and nature of the rough diamond crystal.

The final beauty of these diamonds will be the result of a good cutter. There are some diamond manufacturers that specialize in this shape.

I’ve seen some wide variations in the outline shape of this stone. Compared to most shapes this is a more complicated stone to cut and sometimes you’ll see a cleft that is too shallow or too deep, or the lines from the lopes down to the tip is kind of straight or maybe bowed out too much. Some of this can be downplayed in the setting that is used.

The total depth could be between 58 – 63% and the table between 53 – 65%.

Because of the cleft, the girdle thickness will be at the extremely thick range but more importantly the tip it still should only thick enough to provide protection for the stone in setting and normal wear…. probably slightly thick at a maximum.

The length-to-width ratio of Heart Shape diamonds can vary. Fat hearts will have ratios in the 0.85 to 1 ratio while skinny hearts are will be greater than 1.10. The best ratio for you will depend on your personal preferences so do your shopping to determine what you like best.

– Important Take Away Points –

#1- This can be a difficult diamond to shop for…. most jewelers do not have very many Heart Shape diamonds on hand. You might have to look at quite a few stones before you find “the one” that works for you.

#2- If you are dealing with an online retailer…. see if you can get a photo of the actual stone you are considering and make sure that they have a good return policy.

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