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Wholesale Diamonds

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Diamonds go through a fairly straightforward process once they are taken from the ground; they journey from the mine to diamond cutters (where they are formed into many of the common cuts, sizes and shapes that you may recognize today), and then most are graded and certified before they arrive at a reputable diamond retailer. But in essence the last step is a key component for the average consumer – where can they find a diamond seller that they can trust?

There are a lot of places online where you can find diamond jewelry. But if you are looking for a highly qualified source for a wholesale diamond, engagement ring, or diamond ring, then is the place to check out.

Before the arrival of online diamond retailers like Brilliance, consumers had to make a journey to their local jewelry store.  Overall diamond selection would often be from just a limited assortment of diamonds that were on-hand.

Someone making a purchasing decision from only what the store carries might mean sacrificing some desired characteristics, or even being pressured by pushy salespeople. Sometimes it may result in paying more for a diamond than was anticipated.

Therefore, the overall diamond buying experience may not be all that great. And since a diamond is an investment, your experience should never be less than exceptional.

As reputable online jewelry retailer, Brilliance offers an extremely wide selection of wholesale diamonds online. The customer can to search to find a particular loose diamond that meets exact specifications. Brilliance also lists loose diamonds from some of the leading diamond suppliers from around the world.

So if you search for a cushion cut diamond using the online diamond search, you’ll be presented with thousands of results instead of just a handful of options you’ll likely find at your local jewelry store.

In addition to the expanded selection, customers who buy wholesale diamonds from Brilliance will enjoy nice savings up to 50-90% off retail prices. Consumers have significantly more purchasing power buying diamonds online than in a retail store.

Check them out for yourself today!

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